Group Classes

All classes are leveled to ensure everyone's safety and for our instructors to design classes for clients with similar abilities. Upon assessment, you will be given a level to sign up for, and will be able to move up with an Instructor's approval. Schedule and sign ups for group classes can be found on the Mind Body App.

Free Intro to Pilates

In this 50 minute session, you will be introduced to the principals of Pilates, and the different equipment that is used. You will then get to work out on a reformer to see how it feels to move and how Pilates can benefit your body. During this time, you will be assessed and given a recommendation for level placement moving forward. (Limited to one time for new clients only)

Reformer/Mixed Equipment I

After taking a Free Intro to Pilates or a private session, this class will teach the fundamental exercises and foundational work on all equipment.  It focuses on reformer basics, finding your core, neutral spine, pelvic stability, scapular stability, and the why behind the exercises. New exercises will continuously be introduced.

Reformer/Mixed Equipment II

Take reformer to the next level with more full body movement and flow. This class will move at a brisker pace, piecing movements together like choreography, challenging not only the body, but also the mind(Must have solid foundational work and an instructor's approval)

Reformer/Mixed Equipment III

This class is for those who have mastered exercises with proper form and alignment, and are ready to challenge the body in new and different ways. To participate in a level 3 class, you must not have an injury or be recovering from one. (Requires Instructor's approval)

Mixed Level Classes

Coming Soon...

More Classes Coming Soon...

Other classes including Cardio/Jump Board, Ballet Barre/Reformer, and more will be coming at a later date.