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In our Studio, you will find different Pilates equipment, which was meant to be used together to maximize a workout. We are proud to use the best in the industry, Balanced Body equipment. 



The Universal Reformer is the most popular and versatile piece of equipment developed by Joseph Pilates. It is an exercise machine that addresses virtually every part of the body, by using a pulley system and springs of varying strengths that provide resistance and assistance. Exercises vary from simple isolated movements to complex exercises using the whole body to create long lean muscle and balanced muscle development. The reformer provides a low impact workout with extraordinary results! 

Pilates Chair


The Chair was originally designed by Joseph Pilates as a compact workout system for small NYC apartments. The Chair is the most challenging piece of equipment, and offers a fun, unique, full body workout, focusing on lower and upper body strength conditioning. Chair exercises will enhance stability, balance, and body control. It is a great addition to any class, and excellent for athletes. 


Cadillac/Tower/Trapeze Table

The Cadillac/Tower/Trapeze table is an extremely versatile piece of equipment that offers a wide range of exercises from simple therapeutic work to advanced acrobatics. It supports fitness and rehabilitation for all ages and abilities. This apparatus is only used in private sessions.  

Pilates Springboard

The Pilates Springboard brings the Tower exercises to the wall for group classes, providing an invigorating full body workout. Many of the Reformer exercises can be performed on the Springboard, but will feel very different in the body, giving you a completely different experience. Just like the Reformer, springs are used to resist and assist you. 


Ladder Barrel

The Ladder Barrel is great for core strength and flexibility exercises. It adds a different element to exercises that can be performed on other equipment such as Swan and Climb a Tree. The Ladder Barrel is used in private sessions only. 

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