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Group Classes

Our group classes are about community, where you can share your desire for support, motivation, and results in a non-intimidating, safe space. The small class size (max. 5 people) allows for individual attention from your instructor to ensure proper form and alignment  during exercises so you benefit the most from your workout. In these 50 minute classes, you will get a full body workout, strengthening every muscle in the body while also increasing flexibility and mobility. 

All classes are leveled to ensure everyone's safety and for our instructors to design classes for clients with similar abilities. Upon assessment, you will be given a level to sign up for, and will be able to move up with an Instructor's approval. Schedule and sign ups for group classes can be found on the Mind Body App.


"New Client Special" - 2 Intro Private Sessions

Getting started at Pilates En Pointe is easy! If you are new to Pilates on the equipment or have been out of practice for a while, we require you to start with the "New Client Special", 2 Intro privates. This is to ensure your safety on the equipment and make sure you know and understand the principles and fundamental exercises before the possibility of joining group classes, as everyone has been through this process and there are prerequisites for moving into Group Classes. Also we are huge on form and alignment and making sure each individual is working right for their body from the beginning. Email to schedule your 2 Intro Privates. 

Prerequisites for Moving into Group Classes

After taking the 2 Intro Privates, an Instructor will let you know if you are ready to move into group classes. Prerequisites for moving into a level I group classes include... being able to do the "100" without neck pain/tension, understand "neutral spine and pelvic alignment" while doing footwork and feet in straps, proper bridging form, and are able to pick up and follow verbal cues. 

Level I

In Level I, you will be taught the fundamental exercises and foundational work on all equipment, while focusing on finding your core, neutral spinal alignment, pelvic and scapular stability, and the why behind the exercises. New exercises will continuously be introduced as seen fit for the class. All level I exercises must be mastered with proper form before moving into Level II. 

Level I/II

Level I/II will move at a slightly brisker pace than level I and will have progressions from Level I exercises added in. This class is also offered to give more flexibility in scheduling, meaning if you are a level I or a Level II, you can take the class and we will teach to who is in the class. 

Level II

Take your Pilates practice to the next level with more full body movement, coordination, and flow. This class will move at a brisker pace, with quicker transitions and piecing movements together like choreography, challenging not only the body, but also the mind. An Instructor will let you know when you are ready to move into Level II classes. You must not have any injuries to take a level II class. 

Level II/III

This class is only offered once a week and is offered for the more advanced client who is looking to challenge the body in new and fun ways. This class requires strong balance and control along with a mastery of all level II exercises. Level III exercises will be introduced as seen fit for the class. Must have an Instructors approval to take a level II/III class and have no injures. 

See SCHEDULE and sign up for Group Classes

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