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Getting Started

New to Pilates?


Getting started at Pilates En Pointe is easy! Please contact us to set up a New Client Special (2 privates). In these two sessions, we will introduce the equipment, principles, and fundamental exercises needed to enter group classes. We will go over your goals, and assess where you are at. This is to ensure safety and comfort on the equipment and to make sure you are working right for your body before entering group classes. While Pilates is for everyone, group classes may not be the right fit. We do offer Private sessions which allows you to work and progress at your own pace. 


Continuing with Pilates..

No contracts or Membership Fees. Simply purchase a CLASS PACK or Sessions in the Studio or through the MindBody App. Once you have sessions in your account, you can sign up for Group Classes on our website or through the MindBody app. Private and Semi-Privates can be scheduled directly with an instructor. For maximum benefit and results it is recommended to practice Pilates twice a week. 

We are here for you and, and we strive to accommodate everyone's needs to the best of our ability! 

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