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Pilates en Pointe is an independently owned, boutique Pilates Studio, specializing in small group reformer/mixed equipment classes, semi-private, and private sessions. We are dedicated to providing high quality, individualized, and safe Pilates instruction to every BODY, of any age, and with any ability from the injured to the professional athlete. Come experience this life changing exercise program for results and overall well-being!

Strengthen & Tone


Muscle In Your


Who is Pilates For?


Pilates may sound intimidating, but it truly is a workout that anyone can do no matter your shape, size, or physical condition. It is an accessible way to build core strength for better posture, balance, and flexibility. While walking on a treadmill or lifting weights can be a mindless task, Pilates requires concentration to perform exercises with precision. This mind-body connection is important and brings awareness to to things like how we sit, stand, walk, and perform our daily activities. With over 500 exercises and multiple apparatuses to work on, the workout is never boring and can meet the needs of any client. 


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As Pilates Instructors, we are here to teach, guide, motivate, and inspire you to feel good! Pilates has been a part of our lives, and we are excited to share our passion and the benefits of Pilates with you! 

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"Physical Fitness is the First Requisite of HAPPINESS." -Joseph Pilates



1480 Chapel Ridge Rd., Suite 240

Apex, NC 27502

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